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Ayurvedic Tourism

Welcome to the Temple of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical science from India!

Ayurveda the science of life aims at the total well being of body ,mind and the soul is propagated by us without losing the magnitude to the mankind with the motive of preventive and curative aspects. Anitha’s Garden Clinic introducing ayurvedic treatments as per the exact knowledge from our ancient Sanskrit palm leaves and by practical gurukula lessons we got from our ancestors. Our aim is to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and folks with health challenges can improve their health.


Treatments packages are as follows

21 Days Anti Arthritic Programme

Arthritis is primarily a Vata disorder,vata is one among the three doshas which maintains the body in normal state and cause diseases in abnormal state & vata . Arthritis is mainly caused due to an excess of Ama or toxins and poor digestion. Poor digestion and a weakened colon allows toxins (Ama) to accumulate in the body , and problems with the colon allow the toxins to reach and accumulate in the joints. This inhibits joints function, mobility and cause pain,stiffness etc.

The therapies are done both internally and externally, thereby removing the toxins, pain, stiffness and movement difficulties without any surgeries, complications or sideffacts.Treatments focus on removal of pain over muscles,bones and joints due to variety of causes.special massages and therapies which increases blood supply to whole body,rectifying minute injury of blood vessals by special massages,tonningup of muscles will be also done.Backpain treatments varies according to cause and is done after proper clinical examinations or investigations like x rays or scans if needed.
For every diseases ,mild or severe, depending upon the persons body constitution ,age ,strength ,digestive capacity etc treatments will be planned with daily consultation with doctor.Everyday assessment will be done before and after therapies.As the country is cold and the quality of vata is cold there is every chance to have diseases due to increased vata like weakening of bone strength,joint problems etc.The climate of country,working atmosphere of patient,history of other diseases and their treatments ,all are taken into consideration.Special herbal medicines if needed will be given and yoga postures or simple body exersices if needed will be also taught so that the person can practice those in their homes even after treatments.

Ayurvedic treatments

Rejuvenation Therapy/Body Purification Therapy ( minimum 7 to 28 Days)

With age, the body weakens and various ailments starts showing up. We offer rejuvenation therapy, which is aimed at revitalizing the body, mind and the soul. It helps in strengthening the whole system, toning the skin and generating a state of well being. The details of therapies are as follows:

Treatments are as following:

  • Snehana Karma (Oil Therapy) – Therapy using ghee and oil preparations in which both internal intake and external application respectively is done to soften the dosas and toxins stick on to the basic cellular level.
  • Swedana Karma (Sudation Therapy) – Making the body sweat using Pizhichil, Elakizhi, podi kizhi,steam bath etc and thereby liquefying and directing the softened dosas to gastro intestinal tract.
  • Vamana karma (emesis therapy)- It is the process in which vitiated dosha (morbid humor) are expelled through the upper route.
  • Virechana karma (purgation therapy) The process in which the elimination of dosha (morbid humor )occurs through the lower route.
  • Basti karma (Enema)The procedure in which the medicine is administered through anal canal reaches upto small intestine, anatomical land marks on the abdomen, churns the accumulated doshas ,spreads the action and easily comes out along with the purisha and dosha is called basti.
  • Nasya karma ( errhine therapy) It is a therapeutic measure where the medicated oil,kvatha ,svarasa,curna etc are administered through nose to eliminate the vitiated dosha situated in head.

Ayurvedic treatments

14 Days Stress Management Programme(Manasanthy-Body, Mind & Soul

The modern day exposes the body and mind to a lot of stress and tension. The stress management Ayurveda therapy is a 14 nights package to help attain a relaxed state of mind. The other steps in the programme are sirodhara, thalam,sirobasti, nasya karma, intake of herbal medicines etc.

Treatments are as following:

  • Sirodhara is the process in which medicated oil,milk,buttermilk is poured in a continous stream of drip on the head,especially on the forehead in a specific manner which is indicated for psychic diseases and psychosomatic diseases.
  • Talam is the application of medicated paste made of appropriate herbs on the scalp for a specific period of time.It is indicated in psycatric disorders,insomnia,skin diseases,dandruff,migraine headace etc
  • Sirobasti In this the oil is made to retain on the scalp for a prescribed time and is indicated in numbness of head,facial paralysis,insomnia etc.
  • Nasya karma In this medicated oil ,decotion,herbal powders are administered through nose and is indicated in diseases above neck and in psychosomatic diseases
  • Purificatory therapies like vamana and virechana which expels the dosas and thus making body and mind clear
  • Special yoga training which gives spiritual enlightment

Ayurvedic treatments

20 Days Immunity booster programme

The present humans are captured by diseases because of lack of immunity of mind and body.Ayurveda has amazing power to heal the person,making him resistant to afflictions of mind and body as well which were the secrat of ancient sages longevity. The immunity booster programme includes panchakarma therapy ,yoga asanas which boost the immune system ,administration of herbal medicines which balance the dosas,pranayama,sooryanamaskara etc .

12 Days Detoxification programme

According to the nature of cause vata pitta and kapha undergo aggravation which affects the digestive fire and produces toxins.This toxins enters the blood stream and all the other tissues.The mixing of toxin depends on its affinity towards the vitiated dosha and the specific tissue.In detoxification programme after examining the involvement of dosas the panchakarma therapy is selected with proper preparative therapies.

Ayurvedic treatments

21 / 31 Days Slimming Programme

The slimming programme includes medicated herbal powder massage and herbal oil massage. Adhering to the specific diet prescribed during the treatment forms one of the essential parts of the programme. Other treatment procedures include medicated steam bath, intake of herbal juices, herbal tea etc.

Treatments are as follows

  • Deep massage , Udvarthanam, dhanyamla dhara.
  • Vedu, steam
  • Virechanam

3 Days Abhyangam.
By abyangam ,human body becomes strong and smooth skinned.It becomes unsusceptible to the disease of vata and resistant to exhaustions and exertions.

3 Days Abhyangam + Kizhi
kizhi helps in liquefaction and movement of dosas to gastro intestinal tract so that it can be eliminated through upper or lower route by intake of medicine.

3 Days Kalari massage + Kizhi
kalari massage in which muscles and nerves are stimulated.

3 Days Abyangam+ Kizhi+ Nasyam
In nasyam medicines administered through nostrils reaches srungataka marma(a marma in head.the medicine spreads in the brain,eye,ear,throat,opening of the vessals etc and also it scratches the dosha in supra clavicular region.

3 days / 7 days . Massage + Kshira Dhara
Kshira dhara is generally indicated in cases of insanity,epilepsy,insomnia and certain types of headache.

3 days / 7 days Massage + pizhichil, shiro dhara
Pizhichil is another special therapy highly effective in neurological disorders and for prevention of degenerative changes in the body.sirodhara is indicated in stress and psychosomatic disorders such as IBS,neurological disorders,psycatric disorders,convulsive disorders and also in psoriasis,eczema,hypertension and alcoholism.

3days/ 7days massage and kativasthi
It is the process in which oil is retained in the low back region.It is done in lumbar spondylosis,disc prolapse,ankylosing spondilitis,radiculopathies,fractures etc.

3days / 7days massage shirovasthi
In sirovasti the oil is made to retain on the scalp for a prescribed time and is indicated in facial paralysis,insomnia and numbness of head

7days massage+ kizhi + ksheeradhara
Vasti is the therapy in which the medicine is administered through anal canal.There is none other than vasti is the best treatment for aggravated vata.so sage charaka praised vasti as half of the treatment and some scholars called it as complete treatment.

All procedures done under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctor with the assistance of well trained Panchakarma therapist’s.
Treatments are planned by the Doctor after considering Dosha, Dushya, Bala etc. of the patient

Ayurvedic treatments

Service Included

  • Daily Ayurvedic Treatments
  • Initial, daily and final consultation by the doctor
  • Composition of individual Ayurveda diet menu.
  • Free Yoga lessons during treatment period
  • Optionally Ayurvedic vegetarian full board meal
  • medicines during the treatment period

We are constantly evaluating & implementing ways to improve patient safety.

Please speak up Anitha.M.A when you have questions or concerns.

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